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Different Kinds Of Christmas Outdoor Lighting

When we think of outdoor Christmas lighting we often think of strings of mini or fairy lights around the house or through the trees. Christmas lights can be hung just about anywhere around the outside of the house that can take a fixing to hold them in place safely.But there are other types of  outdoor Christmas lighting we can use; such as silhouette lights, glowing led spheres, rope lights, animated lights and animal shaped lights. There is such a variety that you are best to choose a theme for your yard Christmas lights or you will not know where to start. Once you have a theme you can select lighting types that work well with the style and colors you need to make your theme work.

Silhouette Lights

These are lights were a design is illuminated by LED lights for Christmas yard art. Examples of such motifs are Santa, Santa on a motorbike, presents , trees and reindeer. Everything is flat, two dimensional and great to place against a wall. Some designs come with special effects such as lights chasing or flashing on and off, usually in keeping with the design. Other kinds of yard art include Disney characters and other licensed characters for your children to enjoy, these usually come with painted backdrops so the displays are visible during the day and illuminated at night.These kind of outdoor Christmas lights can be used for any theme.

Glowing Spheres

This is basically a cluster of LED lights connected together to form a globe. There are usually 100 or more lights which when lit up looks very cool. Having more than one sphere suspended from a tree or around your house can be very effective for your Christmas decorations. Whilst not really spheres, Morovian stars are very effective in a yard Christmas display.

Animated Christmas Lights

Animated Christmas Outdoor Lights

Animated Christmas Outdoor Lights

These are lights where the design which may be Santa or a tree have flashing or chasing lights. There are stars and snowflakes available in animated forms as well as nativity scenes. For those of us not really into Christmas animated palm trees are also to be found. These are best used in moderation, but designs can be found to suit any Christmas theme.

Outdoor Christmas Animals

If your theme is Santa and his reindeer and feeding the reindeer then outdoor topiary reindeer may well fit the bill. These can be animated and also moving to give the appearance of reindeer actually moving their heads to eat. The children will love these animals in their yard.

Other forms of Christmas outdoor lighting include rope lights which are easy to hang and often used for garlands around deck or balcony areas, string lights which can be hung anywhere to illuminate all areas of your house, but look especially effective hung throughout trees and shrubs, net lights these allow you to cover a bush very easily without getting all tangled up. Most light strands are availablein standard bulbs or LED formats. The LED lights are becoming very popular as they last a very long time, have low power consumption and are more robust than standard incandescent lights. Whatever them you use for your Christmas outdoor lighting there will be lights to help make your yard the best on the street.