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Types of Outside Christmas Lights

When you are planning your Christmas outdoor lighting display, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of lighting to use. There are many different types and styles of lights. They all have uses and where you may want to use them depends upon your theme and yard. The effect of outside Christmas lighting displays can vary with the style of lights use choose, so be sure to check out all the options.

Traditional Christmas Light Strings

These typically use C7 (2inch long bulbs) or C9 (3 inch long bulbs). A string with these bulbs usually has 25 or 50 light sockets on it, but it is possible to get up to 150 sockets. The advantage of these bulbs is that they are large, bright and easy to see. They are also wired in parallel and so when one bulb goes out the rest stay on. This can be a real advantage if a bulb fails once the string is in place. It is also possible to get these bulbs with LED fitted giving a more energy efficient, longer lasting cool to touch bulb. These strings can be purchased with different lengths between the lights and thus differing cord lengths to suit your needs. C7 or C9 bulbs come in an array of colors, you can buy the cord separately to the bulbs and choose your color scheme or but a complete set. Bulbs come on multi colors including blue, green, red, yellow and white, some sets also have orange. It is even possible to get color changing bulbs for a really cool effect. Twinkle style also available for these strings whereby some lights randomly flash giving a twinkle effect.

c7 & mini christmas lights

Mini or Fairy Lights

These lights are much smaller than the traditional outside Christmas lights, bulbs can be clear or white or colored. One of the good things about mini lights is that you can choose the color of the string to match the background the lights are against. Strings generally come in 50 or 100 lights and there is a large choice of colors available for mini lights. It is also possible to get twinkle or chasing lights and even battery operated sets. Also available as outdoor LED Christmas lights and as solar outdoor Christmas lights. It is also possible to get controllers that you plug the mini lights into and they turn the lights on and off to music! These are some of the best outdoor Christmas tree lights around. One of the disadvantages of this type if lighting is that if one bulb goes out it can take out a section or the whole string.

Net Lights

These types of lights are good for draping over bushes or shrubs without getting in a tangle. The net is an interconnected mesh of lights usually mini or fairy lights, and more often these days LED.  These types of lighting can be solar. Nets lights come in clear, or multi-colored. For that perfectly spaced lighting look to impress your friends.

Rope Lights

These are usually long lasting LED lights contained within a length of vinyl cord. This protects the lights and gives an interesting effect, as well as making it easy to hang and easy to pack up and store. Outdoor Christmas rope lights come in a variety of colors- plain and multi colored

Lighted or Shimmering Spheresshimmer balls

These are a cool ball of light. A sphere with 100 or so miniature lights connected together. They are available in different colors and sizes and there is also a twinkling version. These make quite a statement.

Animated Feature Lights

There are many different shapes available as feature lights, anything from Santa and his sleigh to poinsettias even camels and palm trees! Whatever your theme you will be able to find small or large feature displays in plain or multi colored lighting. Most of the feature shapes use LED lighting. Some have twinkling lights and some shapes have physical movement animated, such as reindeer heads moving. Pick a shape to suit your theme in a color you like.

Ultimately the kind of Christmas outdoor lighting you choose will be what best suits the theme you wish to present. A combination of lights can be used depending upon you needs.