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Christmas Yard Decoration Themes – Which One Will You Use?

One of the first steps in planning your Christmas yard display is the theme. What effect do you wish to create with your yard decoration? There are a number of standard themes used, but of course each interpretation is different and you can make yours unique with what you choose to put into it.

Winter Wonderland

This is often the theme people choose, as it so reflects the season, small bright glistening lights in the snow. It always looks great and helps everyone to get into the Christmas spirit. Traditionally white lights are used to resemble twinkling stars, but blue is becoming more popular, and the color changing LED lights give a stunning effect. The overall effect can be changed by changing the type of lighting used, LED’s give a different light to incandescent and different bulb sizes change how much light is given off. The different styles of light that can be used include icicle outdoor Christmas lights, outdoor Christmas lights or outdoor solar Christmas lights. In the theme you could include an illuminated Christmas tree in white or colored lights, even as a spiral. Sparkling snowflakes would also fit in well they came in different colors and sizes.


This is a traditional theme to have. Mary in a stable with the three kings, shepherds and the Archangel all there. There are some great illuminated wire shapes available to set the scene for this theme. Choosing which characters to include can personalize this theme, and how you arrange theme. There are stable shapes available and many different kinds of stars, even donkeys and camels if you wanted to show the journey.

Santa’s Grotto

This is like going to the North Pole and imagination is all that is needed, having said that there are some great lights to help you on the way! Santa’s sleigh with Rudolph can be a wire shape or holographic or inflatable, whatever you fancy! Adding in candy canes, presents, trees, lots of brightly colored Christmas lights, some animated Christmas lights could here for reindeer or elves.

Christmas Lights

Reindeer farm

This is really just a sub section of Santa’s grotto, but great for little children. Animated Christmas decorations such as reindeer lights in a stable will capture their imagination, let them feed the reindeer. You could always add in snowmen or the sleigh.

Santa’s Landing Strip

Another theme with the sleigh is mind is the “Santa Land Here” scenario. This is with landing lights leading to your roof, with a place for Santa’s sleigh to land.

Other themes could be Happy Feet -Penguins skating on ice or partying! Snowmen, presents around the Christmas tree, non seasonal; such as palm trees, or make up a new one. Whatever theme you choose your lawn and garden decor will definitely make an impression on the neighborhood.

Whichever appeals to you there will be some outside Christmas lights to help you make your yard show the best ever.

What will your next outdoor Christmas Lights display be?